Bylaws of the Mock Trial Board

The George Washington University Law School

Washington, D.C.


Section 1. The actions and conduct of all Mock Trial Board Members shall be governed by the Mock Trial Board Constitution and these Bylaws.

Section 2. The Bylaws shall be adopted by the Officers by a two-thirds majority vote.

Section 3. The Bylaws shall have full force and effect upon adoption by the Officers and promulgation of a copy to the members.

Section 4. Upon motion, and second, by members in good standing, the Bylaws may be amended following debate, by a two-thirds majority of members in good standing at a general meeting. The required quorum for amendment of Bylaws is thirty-three percent of the membership in good standing.

Section 5. Purpose and Scope of Bylaws.

  1. These Bylaws shall be the general guidelines for the operation of the Board. They are to be construed consistently with the Constitution of the Board and are subject to change by the Officers or members, as specified in these Bylaws.
  2. Where the Constitution and Bylaws are silent on a matter, the President shall have the discretion to act, or direct an Officer to act, on the matter in such manner as to reasonably execute the duties of the office and to further the objectives of the Board.

Section 6. External Competitions. The President and the Vice President of External Competitions will decide which external competitions the Board will sponsor. Considerations may include the nature of the external competition, its location, available coaching resources and financial constraints. If the President and Vice President of External Competition elect to participate in any invitational, every effort shall be made to select the best team(s) to represent the Law School and the Board in the external competition. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws or the Constitution, recommendation and selection of team members by the Vice President of External Competitions and the President, or any other Officers, shall be based on the following factors:

  1. Timeliness of an applicant’s application, where a deadline has been set;
  2. An applicant’s demonstrated excellence in trial advocacy, as evidenced by tryout or by past performance in a Board-sponsored intra- or interscholastic competition, or by other means to be determined by the President and Vice President of External Competitions;
  3. Whether the applicant is a member in good standing of the Mock Trial Board as outlined in these Bylaws and the Board’s Constitution; and
  4. Any other criteria as determined by the Officers.

Section 7. Code of Conduct. It will be considered misconduct for any member of the Mock Trial Board, including any Officer, to:

  1. Commit any act in violation of the Law School Honor Code or the Law School Harassment Code.
  2. Engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation relating to a Mock Trial Board-sponsored activity;
  3. Engage in conduct that seriously interferes with the Executive Committee’s ability to responsibly administer Board activities including, but not limited to, Mock Trial Board competitions;
  4. Attempt to state or imply an ability to improperly influence Board members involved in administering or judging of Mock Trial Board competitions;
  5. Verbally abuse, or otherwise seriously mistreat, insult or demean competition judges, competition chairs, Officers, or other persons involved in a Mock Trial Board-sponsored activity; or
  6. Knowingly assist any Board member in conduct that is a violation of these rules.

Section 8. Violation of the Board’s Code of Conduct. Violations of the Board’s Code of Conduct shall result in expulsion from the Mock Trial Board.

Section 9. Expulsion. If a member fails to remain in good standing with the Mock Trial Board, such member shall be subject to expulsion from the Board and disqualification from any or all Mock Trial Board internal or external competitions in which the member is participating or wishes to participate. Determination of the nature and scope of any disciplinary action, including expulsion, disqualification from participation in competitions, and/or any other remedy that may be necessary and proper, shall be made by a majority vote of the Officers. Final disposition of expulsion shall be sent to the offending member and copied to the Dean of Students, the Career Development Office, and/or any other departments or offices, as appropriate. An expelled member’s name shall either be removed from any and all Mock Trial member lists or rolls, or an annotation shall be made next to the expelled member’s name on said lists or rolls.

Section 10. Review of Expulsion. Prior to final disposition of expulsion, notice of expulsion shall be given to the offending member and the offending member shall have an opportunity to appeal the decision of the Officers before final disposition. Method of appeal of expulsion will be determined on a case-by-case basis with appropriate process, depending upon the circumstances of the particular case.

Section 11. Effect of Expulsion on Offending Member. Any member expelled from the Board shall not represent within or without the Law School that he or she was ever a member of the Mock Trial Board, and shall act to affirmatively correct any misapprehensions held by any person, department, office, or other entity, within or without the Law School.