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First-Year Competition


1L students compete with a partner in the First-Year Competition. A full case packet is given to all competitors and the teams of two are instructed to prepare one pre-assigned side, either prosecution or defense. Each team is assigned an individual student coach that will work with the competitors to help them develop a case theory, instruct them on the logistics of a mock trial competition, and even set up scrimmages with other teams…

Upper-Level Competition


The Upper-Level Competition is open to all GW students who are not first-year students. The Upper-Level is also the avenue for transfer students interested in joining the Board achieve membership, however, current board members may also participate. Unlike the First-Year Competition, those students who compete in the Upper-Level receive one academic credit for their participation, regardless of whether they advance further…

Estrella Trial Advocacy Competition


Every spring, The George Washington University Law School’s Mock Trial Board hosts the Estrella Trial Advocacy Competition (ETAC) in sunny San Juan Puerto Rico! This year will mark the 5th year of the tournament. Preliminary rounds and an amazing reception at the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce…